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Hi! I’m Lindsey,
owner of
Stillwater Ranch Training

Located in Hillsdale, Wyoming

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Australian Shepherd Dog Training


Hi and Welcome! My name is Lindsey. I know that working with a trainer can be a little intimidating so allow me to introduce myself.

I've owned and trained my own dogs for as long as i can remember. I grew up with a border collie named Buddy and this is the dog that started me on my love for dog training. 

I trained dogs for people on and off growing up and even worked with a rescue for several years. 

I fell further in love with Aussies during undergrad and after earning my BA in Communications, went to work full time. 
I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and canine sports competitor in conformation, barnhunt, dock diving, and enjoy teaching my dogs tricks and earning titles with them. I've been a 4-H leader for the dog project and have mentored multiple AKC Juniors in the conformation ring.

For training, I specialize in working with Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Miniature American Shepherds, Corgis, and Mini Aussies but also have a wide range of experience with different breeds including (but not limited to) Belgian Tervurens, German Shepherds, Doodles, Poodles, Terriers,  Newfoundlands. 


I can help you and your dog with basic obedience, off leash commands, house manners, and behavior modification. 

My training focuses on you having a good, stable, balanced relationship with your dog with the goal of letting you have the freedom to do all the fun things with your dog and without the stress of them misbehaving!  

Contact us for more information or to book dates


(all client dogs live with us in our house during training. They are not left in a large facility)

Message or Call us for your free consult and to get scheduled! We can't wait to help you! 

"Manners Matter"
Board and Train

This board and train program is an intensive 3-5 weeks of your dog living with me at the ranch to train. When your furry family member comes to me they are treated like my own dog and worked with in a calm, consistent, and easy to learn environment so when they come home to you, you have a dog who knows the commands and a good foundation. Weekly Lessons for you are included in this training so that you know how to communicate effectively with your pup.

Don't worry: we will give all meds and feed your food to your pup while they are with us in addition to ranch time, pets, and play.

Total Investment: 

$2100/ 3 weeks


$2100 for 4 weeks with your dog returning home to you on the weekend. Same price, same days of training, but you're more hands on in the process! 

Overnight Boarding

Over night boarding at our home includes your pup getting attention and play brush up on behaviors we've already worked on, and in home attention. We will give them any/all medications they are on and they will be safe while you're out of town or taking the night off.

This is offered only to training clients only.

$50/24 hours 

Drop in Day Training

Is your pup bored at home and could use some structure and obedience? 

Drop in Day training is perfect for dogs that just need a touch up in obedience. You drop them off in the morning and come get them at night! We will text you a picture of what they are learning while you're off working. 

When you come to pickup your dog, we will do a mini lesson each day so you can continue the work at home


In Person Lessons

$70/hour if at the ranch 

$250/hour at your house within a 40 mile radius of Hillsdale, Wy


All lessons are customized to you covering obedience and basic trouble shooting as needed (barking at the window, bolting out doors, etc) 


Due to constraints on training time and consistency, and also due to safety concerns, can do consults on aggressive behavior but rarely recommend anything but a board and train for aggression. 


 "Do Our Thing" Board and Train

The first two weeks of board and train we cover all the basic obedience: Sit, down, place, loose leash walking, and marker words like "Good", "No", "Break", and "Okay"

Then your pup goes home for a week for you both to practice before they come back of the next two weeks!


The second two weeks, your dog and I do whatever you do as a team...hiking, shopping, breweries, trick name it! (and brush up on what we learned week 1 & 2 of course)  

Total Investment $3000 


We do online over facetime or zoom
Lessons are $70/hour. 


All lessons are customized to you covering obedience and basic trouble shooting as needed (barking at the window, bolting out doors, etc) 


Due to constraints on training time and consistency, and also due to safety concerns, we absolutely will cannot safely address any aggressive behavior in online lessons. 




We are proud to announce that we are now offering Playgroup! 
Think of this as daycare for your dog with structure, friendly other dogs, and mediation by a human. This is designed to be a safe space for your dog social dog to come and have fun with other dog social dogs and get their energy out. 

This is exclusively for dogs that we have already trained. 

Playgroup is $35/dog per day 

Offered Tuesday and Thursdays. Check our social media for the schedule or txt Lindsey directly. 

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SOME HAPPY CLIENTS: Check our our Testimonials Page



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